Electronic Siren ATEX

The Superior siren controller and associated loudspeaker devices have been specifically designed and manufactured for wide area and distributed signalling in hazardous area locations.


  • Certified EExd IIB T6 IP66 Category Ex II 2 G D.
  • Silent test facility to minimise nuisance signalling to test the siren.
  • Siren activity and fault report log.
  • User definable schedules for time/date signalling.
  • Full control and fault diagnosis of a single or multiple units via an RS485 interface of up to 1.5km distance from the siren.
  • 16 user selectable & configurable emergency signals.
  • Storage for up to & selectable 400 pre-recorded voice messages. (Voice fi les are stored as PCM-CCITT 8 kHz 8 bits mono).
  • Live PA via a 600 ohm balanced & isolated input.
  • Multiple control interfaces which include RS232, RS485 and a simple VFC interface via 12 VFC opto-coupled inputs and 4 relay outputs.
  • Class D 375W amplifier used in the output with self healing short circuit, thermal & over current protection.
  • Option of driving 100V line driver horns instead of or as well as the standard horns for distributed horn installations in hazardous areas.
  • Warning and message signalling plus functional siren contro completely software configurable to allow ease of modification should requirements change.
  • Control cabinet constructed from cast aluminium as  (670 x 580 x 333mm), which provides an environmental rating of IP66 and the siren horns are manufactured of cast aluminium.
  • Power supplied from an 88-132/176-264Vac @ 47–63Hz power source.
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to +40 degrees C.