Electronic Siren

The ES siren value range provides a robust economic solution to address wide area mass alert signalling for all industrial, civil, commercial and environmental requirement users who previously found conventional motor driven sirens acceptable for their needs but would like the advantages of battery operation and no 400Vac cabling.

The products are of modular construction which allows the sirens to be scaled and tailored to the user’s specific needs in terms of signalling and omni or uni – directional sound coverage.


  • Audibility range between 106db @ 30metres for the smallest unit to 121db @ 30metres for the largest unit. Sirens in this range in increasing order of sound output are the ES1/2V, ES1/3V and ES2V units.
  • 4 user selectable & configurable emergency signals.
  • Live PA via a 600 ohm balanced & isolated input.
  • Battery operated from an integral battery pack to overcome AC power failure.
  • Full control of a single or multiple units via an RS485 interface of up to 1.5km distance from the siren.
  • Simple control and fault reporting via 5 VFC
  • opto-coupled inputs, (Up to 4 alarm signals and PA)
  • plus siren fault and AC power relay outputs.
  • Supports a radio & modem for remote operation via an integrated RS232 interface.
  • Class D 375W amplifier used in the output with self healing short circuit, thermal & over current protection.
  • Active alarm signal or PA output via a set of N/O & N/C relay contacts for control of and supplementary devices. (i.e. Strobe beacon).
  • Supports DT11 activation panel with microphone input facility.
  • Minimum alarm signal operating time of at least 6 minutes after a 4 day AC power loss.
  • Control cabinet constructed from coated steel as standard or stainless steel on request, (600 x 400 x 200mm), which provides an environmental rating of IP65 and the siren horns are manufactured of cast aluminium.
  • Power supplied by an integral 48Vdc battery pack and an 88-132/176-264Vac @ 47–63Hz power source.
  • Operating temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees C.