IP 54 Protection for Equipment Against Damage and Ingress
Sturdy lockable polycarbonate and fibreglass enclosures. The weatherproof non-metallic enclosures are designed to prolong the operating life of electronic equipment that requires protection from harsh environments and damage, whether accidental or malicious. These enclosures can protect a range of devices such as remote annunciators, fire alarm control panels or other electronic products that are at risk of damage from vandalism or ingress. The series is IP54 rated making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Models are supplied with a mounting plate allowing for ease of installation.

The enclosures are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of applications. Other options include: opaque front or clear door to allow for remote visual inspection of the protected device, thumb or padlock choice and the option to install heater, thermostat, breather vents or condensation drain.