Fenwal Heat Detector

The Fire/Overheat Detector is a normally open device that helps to monitor fire and overheat conditions. It can be used in locations with high ambient temperatures.

The detector is made from welded stainless steel and is completely sealed. It is not repairable and cannot be disassembled. The detector is set to a specific alarm temperature when it is made at the factory and the temperature cannot be adjusted.

The detector electrically connects to its related equipment through two terminal posts with internal threads. Stainless steel screws attach the wiring from the related equipment to the two terminals. The detector mechanically attaches to the monitored area by 3/4-14 National Pipe Thread (NPT) located on the head of the detector. The temperature setting of the detector is marked on the hex body. See Figure 1 in the Outline Drawing for 17343-124 section for details.