LED701/700 Industrial & Marine LED Beacons

The LED701/700 series is suitable for Industrial & Marine signalling applications where a more powerful visual signal is required. The unit incorporates 64 off extra bright, long life LED’s and offers a high output low maintenance signalling solution.

These beacons have three pre-selectable stages of alarm. Flashing mode at either 60 or 120 FPM and a continuous (static) mode. These can be pre-set by a jumper link on the PCB. The design allows for a third wire control that can switch from continuous mode to pre-set flashing mode.

Termination is inside the enclosure via conduit knockouts on the sides of the unit and can incorporate M16 up to M32
cable glands.


  • Continuously rated
  • High light output
  • Suitable for surface or wall mounting
  • 120° prime light output above the vertical axis
  • High ambient operating temperature
  • Dual Colour LED option
  • Ambient Light Detection Option – Longer Life
  • Dustproof and weatherproof


  • UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens
    UV Stable Polycarbonate Base

Approval & Conformities