Low Profile Universal Stopper ®

IP Rated Slimline Cover Offering Robust Protection

From November 1st, the Universal Stoppers will be available with 3 standard FIRE text options. Please check FIRE MODELS tab below for label text and product codes.

The Low Profile Universal Stopper is suitable for internal or external installation; these polycarbonate covers can be used as a manual call point protector, or can protect a range of devices such as push buttons and key switches etc., from damage and misuse without hindering use in an emergency.

These reliable covers offer outstanding protection against damage to the protected devices (both intentional and accidental), dust and grime as well as difficult environments inside and out, mounting options 0, 1 & 7 are designed to meet the requirements of IP 56, with mounting option 6 designed to meet IP 66.

The protection these covers can offer can help to deter malicious activation of devices and can save valuable time and money for businesses and public buildings.

The newly designed sounder cartridge for the Low Profile Universal Stopper comes with a built in LED light that activates along with the audio alarm for an extra visual deterrent.