Nittan Dual Action Manual Station

Nittan’s EVCA-MS-S10K Manual Station provides manual fire reporting. This high quality, die-cast metal manual station is available in either single or dual action configurations with SPST contacts and terminal strip connections. The normally open contact, which closes when the manual station is activated, is rated for 1 amp, 30 VDC. The contacts are gold plated to avoid the risk of corrosion.

The EVCA-MS-S10K is a dual action device by default, but can switch to a single action one by excluding PUSH BAR.

This model is available with key resets, terminal connectors, SPST gold contacts and CAT-30 lock and keys. The units mount on a standard single gang backbox, Nittan’s EVCA-MS-SBB surface metal backbox or EVCA-MS-SWBB weather proof backbox.

The EVCA-MS-S10K Manual Station is listed for outdoor applications when used with the EVCA-MSSWBB.

• Single and Dual Action are available
• Key resettable
• Terminal connectors
• Gold plated SPST contacts
• High-gloss red enamel finish
• Plastic break rod
• Mounts on standard single gang box, Nittan’s
EVCA-MS-SBB surface metal backbox or EVCAMS-
SWBB weather proof backbox