TDE Series Industrial Air Horns

TDE Pneumatic Air Drivens Horns

The TDE range of air horns are a pneumatic (Non-electrical) devices that need to be powered by compressed air supply.

They are suitable for industrial & marine environments where a very high sound and very low frequency outputs are required for signalling over medium to larger size areas.

The units produce the classic ‘Fog Horn’ sound and are suitable for general signalling applications.

The length of the trumpet will dictate the wavelength of sound waves produced by the unit and therefore the frequency of the note produced. In general the lower the frequency of the note produced the further the sound will travel.


  • Continuously rated
  • Robust construction
  • Very high sound output
  • Coverage from 600 to 1000m
  • Very low frequency tone
  • Wide operating air pressure
  • Suitable for wall or pole mounting
  • Dustproof and Weatherproof

Brass horn with matt black finish
Stainless steel membrane

Approval & Conformities