X700 Industrial & Marine Xenon Flashing Beacons

The X700 Synchronous series is suitable for Industrial & Marine signalling applications where a more powerful visual signal is required. These beacons are of the flashing mode type.

Xenon beacons (sometimes called Strobes) are controlled via a PCB and put out a brief but very bright flash of white light by ionizing and then discharging a large current through xenon gas in a tube.

This unit is designed to work both independently or as part of a synchronized string of beacons (maximum of 10 in a string) The design also incorporates a fault check mode when used in a Synchronous string that will show as a positive signal on the line and the string will stop flashing. Possible faults are Power failure, Synchronization failure, Capacitor failure or Tube failure.

The unit also offers a choice of four flash rates and two power settings.

Termination is via conduit knockouts on the sides of the unit and can incorporate M16 up to M32 cable glands.

Termination is inside the enclosure.


  • Continuously rated
  • High light output
  • Flash Synchronization
  • Suitable for surface or wall mounting
  • 120° prime light output above the vertical axis
  • Multiple functionality
  • Dustproof and weatherproof


  • UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens
    UV Stable Polycarbonate Base

Approval & Conformities