AE LX 105, 110 & 120 Nexus Combined Electronic Sounder Beacon

Combined Electronic Sounder Beacon
Three Stage Alarm – 64 Selectable Tones
The AE L/X 105, 110 & 120 NEXUS range of electronic sounder/beacons are suitable for a wide range of fire and Industrial signalling applications where a high degree of signalling versatility is required in the environment.

The units offer a three stage alarm with sixty four separate tone options that are automatically synchronised on multi unit installations, selectable inside the unit via a six way dip switch.

The range has been designed to allow a ‘first fix’ wiring solution. Connections are made in the base during initial wiring phase which results in faster and more reliable installation. The ‘sounder head’ is then fixed into position using four captive, quarter turn fasteners, giving accurate seal compression for weatherproofing. There are five cable entry options allowing for termination inside the enclosure.

This range offers a choice of either LED or Xenon visual warning. LED being the more power efficient option, Xenon giving a more industrial warning signal.


  • Continuously rated
  • Suitable for surface, conduit box or wall mounting
  • Wide operating voltage
  • Audible & visual warning signal
  • Conforms to EN54-3 Type B for Fire Alarm use (Dc Only)
  • Vds & NF approved versions available upon special request only
  • Dustproof and Weatherproof


  • Flame Retardent ABS

Approval & Conformities