AE95 / FLE Industrial Buzzer Series

Ondustrial Buzzer

The AE95 / FLE industrial buzzer series are electrical/mechanical buzzers suitable for a wide range industrial signalling applications where a low frequency and penetrating audible signal is required.

The units offer a single stage alarm, once energised an electromagnet causes the diaphragm to vibrate creating a unique acoustic tone.

They can also be pulsed via a remote source (ie control panel/plc etc) to give an intermittent signal if required.

The AE95 / FLE can also be used in automotive applications (reversing alarm/forklift trucks etc) and has an optional back box that will be required for weatherproof applications which allows for termination inside the protected enclosure.


  • Rugged construction
  • Wide voltage range
  • These units are rated 15 mins On max / 1 min Off minimum
  • Suitable for 2 point automotive fix
  • Loud low frequency sound
  • Dustproof and Weatherproof

Powder Coated Mild Steel

Approval & Conformities