AE35M & AE36M Series Piezo Buzzers

Pieap Buzzers
The AE35M (P40) and AE36M (P60) are piezo buzzers designed for use in security, process control and a wide range of industrial applications where a compact but more powerful acoustic signal is required.

The units offer a single stage alarm and can either be pulsed or continuous, selection made by a third wire. The AE35M is installed using the external mounting lugs. The AE36M uses a separate mounting plate where the main buzzer can be snap fitted into place allowing for termination inside the enclosure. These products were formerly supplied by Klaxon.


  • Continuously rated
  • Higher sound output
  • Economical
  • AE35M: Suitable for panel or surface mounting
  • AE36M: Suitable for panel, conduit box or surface mounting
  • Wide voltage range

ABS Plastic

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