DT-11 HMI Console

The DT-11 HMI unit provides a means of siren activation and live voice input for a single or multiple value range siren system via its RS485 communication interface.


  • Activation for up to 4 alarm signals or live PA via its keypad and integral 2 line 16 character LCD backlit  module.
  • Microphone input connector for live voice.
  • Power for the unit is provided by the RS485 interface or via the units 12Vdc input connector, if there is to great a volt drop or used in conjunction with a radio link.
  • May be linked via a uni-directional radio link to the siren controller instead of a hardwire link.
  • Can be located in the siren control panel or on a convenient wall location.
  • All configuration information is stored innon-volatile memory.