FP Range

The FP range of conventional motor powered sirens provides a basic solution to address wide area mass alert signalling in hazardous area locations for all industrial, civil, commercial and environmental requirements.

The products are of simple rugged construction and provide a low frequency traditional air raid sound.


  • Audibility range between 135db @ 1 metre, (105db @ 30metres) for the smallest unit to 140db @ 1 metre, (110db @ 30metres for the largest unit. Sirens in this range in increasing order of sound output are the FP6 & FP10 units.
  • 475Hz constant tone signal.
  • ATEX approved for zone 1 & 2.
  • Overall siren standard approval Exd IIG IIC T4.
  • Non electrical parts standard approval EExc IIC T1..T6 X.
  • Roughly omni-directional sound coverage which peaks in the direction of the front stator face.
  • 400Vac +/- 10% 50Hz 3 phase nominal power supply requirement. (Alternative voltages and frequencies available on request).
  • Operating temperature range for the FP6 & FP10 units of -20 to +60 degrees C.
  • Cast aluminium & steel construction.
  • Environmental rating of IP55.
  • If the power supply to the sirens is pulsed to enable the siren to produce a ‘wail’ tone then the maximum run time of the siren is reduced from continuous for constant tone to 15 minutes or less.
  • Control units can be supplied to enable the siren to produce the ‘wail’ tone signal with associated control switches. The controls are only suitable for locating in a non-hazardous area.
  • The Motor windings are tropicalized as standard.
  • Anti-condensation heaters for the motor can be supplied.
  • The standard siren builds offered are fitted with EExde rated motors but EExd motors can be supplied.